Our goal is to allow our districts to stretch their budgeted dollars through special pricing. In this age of the internet, no seller can promise you the lowest prices, all the time, on everything. What we do is aggregate the buying power of our participating districts in order to negotiate better pricing, all while ensuring reliable delivery and service.

As a result, the districts that use our one-stop shopping solution find that, although some prices are higher, most are lower. And, on average across all of our products, they will not spend more and may actually pay less.

In addition, we supplement popular name brands with the highest-quality private label brands at even lower prices. Districts find that, without sacrificing quality, they are able to stretch their budgets and buy more.

Your Personal Purchasing Assistant will work with your staff to tailor the best mix of products and prices, and then make it easy for everyone to save time by using one-stop shopping and individualized k-Lists.

In addition to the attractive prices, our Assistants are constantly working with our vendors to develop special offers, and then presenting them through k-Lists.