k-Purchase is committed to continuous improvement with all of our capabilities (our systems, our Marketplace and our Purchase Advocates).  As part of this commitment, we are pleased to announce the implementation of our k-Purchase September 2017 Release, which includes a number of refinements and enhancements from you, our users. 

Enhancement Summary

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  1. PO Date on Export page - PO Date on Export (to accounting) page changed to match date on PO
  2. New functionality for Receivers - For those users who mark items on PO’s as “Received” in k-Purchase, you can now filter your Queue page to render your active requisitions (“My Active Receiving”) or those requisitions that you have already marked as received (“My Historical Receiving”).
  3. Adding new account codes now much faster – A process that was time consuming is now very quick for administrators who manage account codes.

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Enhancement Details

1.     PO Date on Export page

The PO Date column on the Import/Export tab was, under certain conditions, rendering a PO date that was different than the date printed on the actual purchase order.  The condition under which this occurred had to do with not consistently using the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) offset when calculating the PO Date field and the date used on the PO.  The PO Date field could render one day prior to the date on the purchase order.  This has been resolved.  


2.     New functionality for Receivers

Users that are assigned to the “Receiver” role in k- Purchase now have two new ways to render requisitions under the Mode drop-down on the Queue page:

a.     My Active Receiving - This mode returns the list of requisitions that the Receiver can actively mark items as “Received”. 

b.     My Historical Receiving – This mode returns the list of requisitions that the Receiver has already marked as “Receive Complete”.  This will prove helpful in cases where a Receiving Department needs to look up orders to find if the items have already arrived and marked “Received”


3.     Adding new account codes now much faster

School administrators responsible for managing the account codes in k-Purchase have periodically experienced slowness, especially in relation to adding new account codes.  The k-Purchase development team took feedback from these administrators and redesigned this area of the application.  While the look-and-feel remains mostly the same, the functionality is far more responsive.