Getting Started

We know that introducing anything new to any organization is never easy. Therefore, every component of k-Purchase has been designed so that the implementation is smooth, unintimidating, and non-disruptive. Our QuickStart Advantage process will facilitate the set-up, training and adoption of your customized k-Purchase solution. Best of all, we will do almost all the work. There will be very little time required from your side.

No new software, hardware or systems are required because k-Purchase is cloud-based. Your staff will simply access k-Purchase from any internet-connected computer, by logging onto a password-protected site that has been customized specifically for your school.


Your Personal Purchasing Assistant will work with you to lay out a launch plan and timeline. In many situations, k-Purchase is already set up for your staff to immediately enjoy the benefits. If you will be using k-Purchase Requisition Platform, we can quickly access the data on your vendors, buyers, and approvers, as well as the specifics of your purchasing approval process. Your Personal Purchasing Assistant will then configure the k-Purchase solution to mirror your rules and workflow. Once we have tailored the system accordingly, your Personal Purchasing Assistant will conduct an online session to train your key administrators.

Launching your k-purchase Program

  • First we make it easy for you to introduce your staff to the many benefits of k-Purchase. Your Personal Purchasing Assistant provides printed materials and emails to introduce k-Purchase to your staff.
  • Learning to use k-Purchase is easy for your staff. The One-Stop Shopping store includes a help section with concise instruction sheet that shows how easy it is to use k-Purchase to request and approve purchases. And, as needed your Personal Purchasing Assistant will then hold an online session for those who have questions or want additional information.

Virtually all of your staff will learn what they need to know in 5-10 minutes. And, in order to minimize your involvement, your staff members can always contact your Personal Purchasing Assistant via toll-free phone, email or live chat to get answers to any questions.