k-Purchase provides the advantages of having a purchasing department for the hundreds of districts that are too small to have one of their own.  k-Purchase removes purchasing pain by conducting reseach, tackling negotiations, and providing ongoing purchasing support. An all-important benefit is that we draw upon the purchasing know-how of staff across all of our districts, thereby turning their extensive purchasing experience into assets to be shared by all.

  • We proactively seek input from staff members through ongoing conversations and surveys.
  • We identify the best vendors to pursue and – just as importantly – not to pursue. Attention is given to the quality of the products, price/value relationship, delivery times, customer support,  and more.
  • We leverage the buying power of our total network to negotiate the best prices, so that even small districts can have access to attractive pricing, and everyone can stretch their budgeted dollars.
  • We gather staff feedback on the quaility of our vendors, in order to constantly drive improvements in the products, pricing, and service.
  • We work with districts to best understand common purchasing problems and issues, and then seek solutions that we share with everyone.

This collaboration has resulted in k-Purchase’s becoming a highly-practical purchasing community that allows everyone at districts everywhere to redirect their time and resources towards the education of our children.