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Every district is assigned a dedicated Personal Purchasing Assistant whose job is to help support purchasing activities for everyone in the district.  You should think of your Personal Purchasing Assistant as an extension of your staff: 

  • Personal Purchasing Assistants are school merchandising experts whom your staff can call upon at any time. They help find products and prices, and personalize recurring buying lists (i.e., “k-Lists”) that are tailored to each person’s needs.
  • Your Assistant will ensure that your k-Purchase solution is customized to your workflow, and that the required training is provided.
  • Your assistant will provide full, personalized support to your entire staff, which will free up valuable time for your administrative assistants, secretaries, and teachers.
  • As k-Purchase identifies new vendors, products and prices, it will notify your staff, and create k-Lists that are targeted to your buyers.  Therefore, your buyers will be able to instantly find the products they are interested in. 
  • Your Assistant will secure special volume purchase discounts. 
  • Your Assistant will listen to your ideas for additional vendors, products and value – as well the ideas of all of the districts within our purchasing collaborative.  And, your Assistant will pro-actively reach out to you for input.  Therefore, the ongoing expansion of k-Purchase, and everything else that we offer, will be driven by the desires and needs of all our districts – and will become a relevant source for community-based, education-oriented products and services.