“We were set up within one week – it was totally easy. We immediately completed a purchasing project within days instead of weeks – and, all of our teachers used k-Purchase. We looked at each other and said: We’re done. That’s it? It’s awesome! . . . And, on top of the time savings, we discovered more than 10% in dollar savings.
— Paula Beyer, Central Springs School District (IA)

One-stop shopping will provide your staff with a practical, convenient alternative to the many hours that it currently spends researching items online, in catalogs, and over the phone. One-stop shopping goes beyond mere online marketplaces and co-ops. It will provide the types of benefits that you would enjoy if you had your own purchasing department:

  • The k-Purchase merchandise team identifies the buying needs, preferences and recommendations of staff member in our participating districts. This is accomplished through staff interactions, the k-Purchase purchasing collaboration, surveys, and careful analysis of district buying patterns.
  • Partnerships are then created with recommended vendors. These include well-known brands as well as sellers of the highest-quality private-label products. k-Purchase negotiates attractive pricing, and secures reliable service and delivery. It works continuously with our vendors to enhance their offerings and service, provide special offers, and negotiate better pricing and volume discounts.
  • One-stop shopping presents our vendors and their products through its two online stores (more on this below). It also offers “k-Lists" for a simplified buying process, regular communications, and live support from Personal Purchasing Assistants. All of this will allow your staff to quickly and easily find high-quality products, enjoy vendor reliability, benefit from special pricing and offers, have research conducted for them, and much more. Everyone will be freed up to focus on the primary task of educating our children.


  • A store for Products:  This store employs the familiar e-commerce format. Your staff will quickly and easily find what it wants by searching for individual products, or by browsing through entire product categories.  Frequently-purchased items will be stored in personalized “k-Lists.” Items can be added, with a single click, to a shopping cart.  Then, they can be transferred to a purchase requisition, and sent on for approval – just as you do now with all of your orders.

Currently, the store offers classroom and learning materials, office and teaching supplies, janitorial supplies, furniture, computers, and small electronics. Click to see details.

  • A store for Services and Solutions:  This store is for the types of companies you need to consult with first, in order to develop solutions that are customized for your district. Your staff will easily learn about valuable services and solutions within the areas of learning, administration, technology, and operations. Each service and solution is recommended through our district purchasing collaborative and network of advisors.

Currently, the store offers a variety of e-learning companies, as well as a service that saves over 20% on shipping costs charged by vendors, and a computer company that offers fully-customized solutions. Click to see details.

Within a year, both of these one-stop stores will offer essentially all of the products and services that you will ever need. They will have evolved into a vibrant, comprehensive collective – a collaborative effort for unparalleled selection and prices.