k-Lists allow everyone who buys products to do less, and therefore have more time to focus on their core responsibilities.

The reality is that most individual staff members, including teachers, purchase a very limited number of items.  And, they repeat these purchases time and time again. We wondered:  Why should anyone have to spend hours searching through thousands of items every time a purchase is required? And, why should anyone have to search for deals and special offers?

So, we developed k-Lists – convenient, personal shopping lists – right inside of our one-stop shopping store. Staff members can customize k-Lists with their own frequently-purchased items and comparable prices. And, district administrators can create k-Lists of preferred products and prices. Changes to k-Lists can be made at any time. Each time staff members visit the one-stop shopping store, the individualized k-Lists will be conveniently waiting. They simply select items, and then click to add them to a requisition.

Plus, everyone can save even more time by calling upon their Personal Purchasing Assistants to take work off their shoulders. Assistants will create k-Lists tailored to each person’s needs and preferences.