Does k-Purchase require us to change the way that we work?

We tailor k-Purchase to perfectly reflect your existing processes. Therefore, the only changes your staff will experience are having more time and less frustration.  The k-Purchase system will give you greater transparency and control.  The information your administrative staff needs will be at their fingertips – in a much more timely and accurate manner, thereby supporting critical decisions such as budgeting, paying bills, encumbering funds, and auditing project plans.  Every person who submits a requisition will experience a much smoother process – including no paperwork, faster approvals, the ability to see the status of orders, and easily marking orders as having been received. Back to top >

How much of a distraction will it be for our staff to start using k-Purchase?

We know that you and your staff are overworked.  Therefore, each component of k-Purchase’s 3-in-1 Solution is designed to make implementation smooth and unintimidating.  It takes just a few weeks of our time, and virtually none of yours.  Your Purchasing Advocate will manage the QuickStart Advantage program, thereby ensuring that the entire process will be efficient and non-disruptive – including the setup, announcements to your staff, and training.  Click to see more detail. Back to top >

Will k-Purchase work with my existing accounting software?

Yes!  We will make it easy for you to upload all of your purchasing data from k-Purchase into your accounting system.  We will set everything up – ready for you to use:

1) Our technical team will first analyze your accounting software system to understand what data is required, and its structure.

2) We will format the structure of your purchasing data that will flow from k-Purchase to perfectly match your software’s structure.  Therefore, the data will be ready to be entered into your system.

3) We will show your accounting staff how to easily upload the data into your system.  The best part is that your accounting staff will no longer have to laboriously hand-type each order into your system! Back to top >

How can k-Purchase help our Accounts Payable staff?

As orders are received, your staff can use k-Purchase to conveniently mark each item, and the quantity that arrived.  They can add relevant notes on issues such as damaged items and incorrect shipments.  Then, with a single click, an email notification will be sent to your Accounts Payable group.  Your staff will now have accurate data in a consistent and timely manner.  They can then review the order on their screen, and reconcile it with the vendor’s invoice.  Although k-Purchase cannot eliminate vendor mistakes, it does provide immediate data.  Therefore, your staff will be better informed, and will save time when communicating with vendors to resolve issues. Back to top >

Can k-Purchase help us with audits?

We understand how frustrating and time-consuming the audit process can be for your staff.  Although k-Purchase was not designed as an ‘audit’ tool, it does provide a wide array of valuable benefits:

  • First, it standardizes the data that you need to track, and stores it in a single, convenient online location.  You will have easy access to the original purchase requisition and purchase order, and to the verification of items received.  Every order, and the date of each step in the ordering process, will be available in one consistent, standardized format.  
  • Second, you will be able to attach relevant documents such as bids, packing slips and invoices.  These can either be printed or maintained in electronic format.  
  • Third, you will be able to upload the purchasing data that resides within k-Purchase to your accounting software, so that you can perform various audit tasks.   

So, when it comes to your data, k-Purchase will provide you with greater ease, control and transparency.  And, when communicating with your auditors, k-Purchase will prove to be a high-value, time-saving tool. Back to top>

Can I see reports of our spending?

Yes!  With k-Purchase, you can generate reports by account codes, requestors, and vendors.  You can print these reports, or view them on the screen.  Also, you have a variety of options for exporting these reports, so that you can upload them into your accounting or budgeting software.  This can be very helpful as you plan budgets, undergo audits, reconcile spending activities, etc. Back to top >

How does k-Purchase compare with the ‘purchasing’ feature in my accounting software?

It’s almost impossible to know the details of every software package that is on the market.  However, many feature what is known as a ‘purchasing’ module.  Typically, these generate a purchase order only after a requisition has been submitted and approved.  This, in turn, requires the corresponding information to be manually entered into the accounting system.  And, this must be done before the bookkeeping and decision-making functions can be accessed.  Finally, the purchase order must be printed, and then manually faxed or mailed to the vendor. 

The k-Purchase system offers a far-superior, all-electronic, integrated array of benefits.  It allows any authorized staff member to enter a purchase requisition, using any computer. Then, the requisition is automatically routed for approval.  Once approved, a purchase order is generated, and is automatically sent to the vendor.  When the order arrives, the details can be entered into any computer screen, and sent to Accounts Payable.  At any time, the data can be easily uploaded into a district’s accounting software, without having to retype any of the information.  Each step saves time, and eliminates frustration and mistakes, for everyone involved.  And, greater transparency and control is provided. Back to top > 

How can k-Purchase help us know if we are staying within our budget?

Every district has its own system for budgeting and tracking orders.  What k-Purchase provides is accurate and timely data.  When your staff reviews an order for approval, the screen will show the total dollars that each requestor has spent during the fiscal year.  Plus, when we tailor the system for your district, we will incorporate your account codes. Therefore, you will be able to view each purchase request by these codes. Therefore, your staff members who are responsible for approval will more easily be able to check each request against the system that you use for tracking expenditures.  Also, k-Purchase will add a budgeting module in early 2016, which you can (optionally) use to more quickly track expenditures by account-code categories. Back to top >

Are you sure that there are no hidden costs to use k-Purchase?

The entire k-Purchase 3-in-1 Solution is provided at absolutely no cost.  This includes the requisition platform, Marketplace, and your Purchasing Advocate – as well as all of the setup, training, system upgrades, and ongoing support. Back to top >

How can you afford to offer k-Purchase to us for free?

The Marketplace vendors have agreed to support this effort by sharing a portion of each sale with us.  This is how, together, we invest in you – so that you will have more time and money to invest in educating our children. Back to top >


PURCHASING FROM VENDORS and the marketplace

Can I keep purchasing from my current vendors, including the local ones?  

You can buy from any source you desire.  The k-Purchase system simply makes it easier to process orders – regardless of the source.  When we customize k-Purchase to your district, we will enter the names of your existing vendors, and all relevant data – such as addresses, your payment methods and terms, and your preferred method to send purchase orders (i.e., mail, fax, or email).  When your staff enters a requisition, they will type in the information on the products that they want to buy, and then select the vendor’s name.  All of the vendor data will then be automatically included on the computer screen, so that a purchase order can be generated – and, if desired, automatically sent to the vendor. Back to top >

How does the Marketplace work, and must we buy from it?  

You can continue to buy from any vendor you want.  The k-Purchase Marketplace simply provides your staff with a practical and convenient alternative to the hours that they currently spend researching items online, in catalogs, and over the phone.  Using a familiar e-commerce format, your staff will quickly and easily find the products that they commonly purchase, along with discounted prices.  They will also discover targeted savings and offers, learn about vendors, and much more.  Once an item has been placed in a shopping cart, all of the details will be – with a single click – automatically entered into a purchase requisition.  All of the vendors in our Marketplace have agreed to share a portion of each purchase with us, so that we can provide k-Purchase to you at no cost. Back to top >

We have a coop/buying group with low prices.  Does the new Marketplace compete?

It’s great to hear that you have access to a collective buying group that secures low prices!  With k-Purchase, you can continue buying from any group or vendor – but, with added ease whenever you enter a requisition.  

Our Marketplace provides a convenient option that combines the buying power of all our participating districts, in order to offer very attractive pricing.  The Marketplace brings the additional advantage of having all of our products a single online store.  Once your staff has submitted items for a requisition, the items will be automatically entered into a requisition – without your even needing to type them in.  

Again, the decision about where to buy from is entirely yours.  However, we hope that you will consider trying out the Marketplace, because of its added convenience and attractive prices.  Also, the participating Marketplace vendors share part of each sale with us, so that we are able to provide k-Purchase to you at no cost – so that you will have more time and money to invest in educating our children. Back to top >

What products are you offering in the Marketplace?  

The Marketplace currently offers over 40,000 items, including the most commonly-purchased merchandise at discounted prices.  These include Office, Teaching, Janitorial, and Breakroom supplies, Technology accessories, and Furniture.  Click here to see the complete list.  Our Purchasing Advocates work with all of our participating districts to better understand their purchasing needs.  They then collaborate with our merchandising team to research new vendors and products to add to the Marketplace.  By the spring of 2016, the Marketplace will have become a vibrant, far-reaching compendium of products for sale – a community-created purchasing source for unparalleled selection and prices. Back to top >

What is the k-Purchase Services Marketplace?

Compared with the items that you select and then move to a shopping cart for purchase in our regular Marketplace, services require a great deal more time and effort to research.  Plus, each service needs to be tailored to your specific circumstances.  This means that you have to work with a service company representative, to explore all of the many features and benefits.

Our Services Marketplace will save you time and money by identifying, and securing discounted pricing for, a wide variety of services – including Learning, Administration, and Operations.  It provides a convenient format for browsing, and gaining an understanding of, each of these services.  

Once you have found a service that you want to explore further, you will simply contact your Purchasing Advocate.  Your Advocate will then put you in touch with a service company representative, who will assist you further – and, offer the attractive discount that we have negotiated for all of our districts. Back to top>