k-Purchase is committed to continuous improvement with all of our capabilities (our systems, our Marketplace and our Purchase Advocates).  As part of this commitment, we are pleased to announce the implementation of our k-Purchase April 2017 Release, which includes one new refinement from you, our users. 

k-Purchase Swap & Save™ is Now Live!

Swap & Save™ is our exclusive savings program in which we will swap identical brand name products or equivalent private label products with our preferred supplier if we can save you money on your total order.  You don’t have to do anything.

Swap & Save Details

  • Requisitions that are eligible for Swap & Save™ will show a status of ‘Swap & Save Review’ after they are submitted.
  • Swap & Save reviews normally take two business days.  If you need it sooner, just ask.  
  • If we can save you money on the entire order, the original requisition will be cancelled and replaced with a new requisition
  • If we can save you money on some of your order, we will swap only those items that result in savings (modifying the original requisition and creating a new one). 
  • After the  Swap & Save review is complete, the requisition(s) will be forwarded to the appropriate approver for your request
  • Swap & Save applies to requisitions for both the current school year and for orders placed for next fall

Contact your Personal Purchasing Assistant with any questions.  

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