k-Purchase is committed to continuous improvement with all of our capabilities (our systems, our Marketplace and our Purchase Advocates).  As part of this commitment, we are pleased to announce the implementation of our k-Purchase 2018.1 Release, which includes a number of refinements and enhancements from you, our users. 

Enhancement Summary

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  1. Expanded Account Reviewer Role – Users who are also Account Reviewers can now be given permission to change account codes on a requisition to any designated account codes. 
  2. Listing Approvers on Purchase Orders – Districts now have the option to have the names, position and date approved of every person that approves a PO appear on the final purchase order, simplifying the audit process.  

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Enhancement Details

1. Expanded Account Reviewer Role – We have made the Account Review role more flexible and more efficient (contact your Personal Purchasing Assistant for help in taking advantage of these features): 

a. Expanded List of Accounts - Any user assigned to the Account Reviewer role is able to change account codes on a requisition after final approval has taken place.  In the past, the accounts available to the Account Reviewer have been limited to those that have been previously assigned to the person who created and submitted the requisition.  Now, the list of accounts available to the Account Reviewer for account assignment can be expanded based on administrative settings.  For example, a person assigned to All accounts as an Account Reviewer will be able to pick from accounts that were previously used by the person who created the requisition plus any other accounts available in k-Purchase.   


b. New Filtering Options for Account Reviewers – On the Queue page, an Account Reviewer can now find “My Reviews” under the Mode with two filtering options (highlighted in yellow in screenshot) :

  • My Active Reviews – This option filters the list of requisitions down to those that the Account Reviewer has yet to mark as “Review Complete”.
  • My Historical Reviews – As the title suggests, this is a list of requisitions where an Account Reviewer has marked the requisitions as “Review Complete”.


2.     Listing Approvers on PO’s – k-Purchase administrators can now choose to list the approvers’ names on purchase orders along with the person’s position and date that the approval takes place.  The configuration settings (highlighted in yellow) are located under Admin-Company Settings.

  • Show Approvers on PO?  – If checked, the Purchase Order will display a section called “Approved By” which includes the name and date approved for each person that approved the requisition.  (see screenshot below).
  • Include Approvers Position?   If “Show Approvers on PO” is checked and this option is also checked, the position (job title) of each person approving the requisition will also appear on the PO (if the position is available in k-Purchase).